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Pine, Cedar and Glosswood Lining

You can transform any outdoor patio, carport or veranda into a majestic and stylish living area with the WOW! factor with timber lining.
  • Tired of looking up at those old patio rafters?
  • Think the spiders webs and birds nests are a bit unsightly?
  • Is your patio ugly?
  • Just in need of a change?

Well, Castlegate Home Improvements are here to help. We install timber lining to any type of ceiling – patios, verandas, carports and even interior ceilings.

Timber lining Perth

With a range of options including Western Red Cedar, Glosswood or even Pine, you can have a beautiful new ceiling in no time.

Why not treat yourself and add a touch of luxury to your outdoor living area (and value to your home) and get a no obligation FREE written quote today from Castlegate Home Improvements for timber lining in Perth.

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