Timber Deck Maintenance

BEFORE: This veranda deck is looking tired and wornAFTER: Beautifully restored 60+ year old veranda deckTimber Deck Maintenance - oiled so you don't need to worryTimber deck maintenance by Paul of Castlegate Home ImprovementsOiling a hardwood deckLooking great with a fresh coat of oilSanding decking by handFreshly oiled hardwood deckA very dry deckFreshly sanded and oiled hardwood deck

A timber deck is beautiful. It adds an ambience to your home that only timber can, however, it does require ongoing upkeep to retain its healthy condition.

Is it really that hard?

Well, not if you have plenty of time….. and patience.

First you need to clear your deck, then give it a very thorough clean. When you are ready to apply the oil, be careful making sure not to stain your bricks, limestone or drip oil on your pavers. You need to know what brand of oil to purchase, store your applicators and oil somewhere safe and  of course you need have to remember to re-oil in the first place!

Save yourself the hassle! We provide a deck oiling maintenance service that takes the stress out of maintaining your deck. We remember when it’s due for an application so you don’t have to, we purchase and store the materials so you don’t need to and we take the time and care to ensure the deck is oiled and not your brickwork. And of course, we have lots of patience.

Ask us today about our oiling service and get busy enjoying your deck.