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Roofing, Gutters & Downpipes

Looking For Quality Roofing, Gutters & Downpipes?

Your Roof Is Vital To The Protection & Longevity Of Your Home & Contents.
You Can’t Get Any Better Than Our Experienced Tradespeople.

Not Only Will Your Roof Look Great, It Will Function Perfectly.

With more than 28 years experience replacing Colorbond Tin and Steel Roofs, Gutters and Downpipes, in Perth and regional WA, you only need to contact us to know that you are getting the best quality service possible.

Ready To Install Your High Quality Roof, Guttering & Downpipes For Your Home, Patio Or Garage.

Perth curved patio roof sheetsCurved roof sheets PerthRoof framing WembleyPatio build WembleyFascia board PerthApex Roof patio, PerthTower roofing in Ellenbrook Central PerthCommercial roof sheeting,installed in Ellenbrook PerthSteel carport roof, Como, PerthRoofing, down pipe and gutters, Como, PerthSteel carport with Colorbond roof, Como PerthBrick & tile front portico with ceiling by Castlegate Home ImprovementsPaul Wilkinson laying the tiles on the new porticoNew gutter and down pipe on an old patio makes a big differenceBringing life to an old patio with a new gutter and down pipeWindow awnings built over the bullnose veranda, Perth - Castlegate Home Improvements also clad the walls of the house with weatherboardWindow awning, PerthNew veranda with gabled roof to match the house, Mount Lawley PerthSteel wall cladding with insulation, North PerthVeranda Roofing, Perth HillsUnderside of veranda roofingTimber awning and roofing, Northbridge, PerthRoof and bull nose roofing, North PerthReplacing an old tin roof, Mount HawthornReplacing a restaurant patio roof, Inglewood, PerthRebuilding a patio, Canning Vale, PerthPatio over a composite deck, Wembley, PerthNew Gutters on an old property, Leederville, PerthNew guttering, Northbridge, PerthNew commercial roof Zincalume, Como, PerthGutters to match the house, South PerthGutter and down pipe in Northbridge, PerthGutter and down pipes NorthbridgeBefore the restaurant roof is installed, InglewoodAwning, North PerthAfter the restaurant roof is installed, InglewoodA new patio roof in Canning Vale, Perth

Specialising In Metal Roofs, We Offer The Following Professional Services:

  • Total Roof Replacement (Colorbond or Zincalume only)
  • New Roof Installation
  • Downpipes
  • Gutters
  • Whirly Birds
  • Roof Timber Repair
  • Soak Wells
  • Ceiling Installation
  • Timber & PVC Lining

Questions ……

Do I need a building permit to change my roof from tiles to tin?

Yes, a permit is required. Councils differ in their regulations so its best to give your local council a ring to find out what permits you require before going ahead.

What costs more, tiles or tin?

It depends on the size of your roof and it’s design; however a tiled roof does require extra timbers to support the weight of the tiles so there is an extra expense in the structure.

Will a tin roof make the home hotter than a tiled roof?

No. Your house roof will have insulation in the cavity to protect you from heat and cold. In this respect, you won’t notice the difference in having a tin roof over tiles.

Does Castlegate Home Improvements have experience in installing roofing?

Yes. Paul Wilkinson, our carpenter and director has been in the roof plumbing business for over 30 years, both in Perth and his native England. We build a lot of steel roofed patios and replace miles of gutters every year.When it comes to roofing, we know our stuff.

We can also arrange for the safe removal of asbestos by a certified specialist and for scaffolding towers for high-level homes.

Call us today to discuss what we can do for your home to provide you with the best roofing solutions.

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