Patios Perth

When you think of your typical patio, you might think of a slab of cement, in your yard, and it has a roof…. 

But a patio can be so much more…. 

With a little forethought, planning and design, your patio will become a beautiful, and practical addition to your home; an inviting outdoor space for you to relax, entertain or even cook! 

So where would you like to put your beautiful new addition to your home?

Take a stroll around your property and feel out where you can see yourself relaxing in your new space, or where it might make the most visual impact. 

You may also like to think about where and when the sun would enter your patio space, wind, natural shade, size and how you might like to link it up to your main indoor area. 

If your patio will mostly serve as an area for entertaining you could consider a patio design which would have different sections, levels, walls, a fire pit or plants; allowing guests to disperse into different areas.

You should also consider what type of patio furniture you might be placing in your new patio area, as your furniture will take up space. 

I love the idea of plenty of plant life to balance with your new outdoor structure. 

Whatever you decide, make it your own and have fun, there are so many design options.