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Adding Value & Style To Your Home

Create an outdoor space that you will love to entertain in and be in.

You can work in your outdoor living area, or play, whilst enjoying the environment around you. Ideal for dining, parties, BBQ’s or as the best way to enjoy your morning coffee.

Entertain, study or relax amongst nature with your own customised alfresco area.

Custom Designed For You

We have a great range of patio designs and styles to choose from.

These vary from sunroofs to curved canopies, pitched roofs and heritage designs.

We will work with you to build your dream Patio for your home.

Provide your backyard with an open feel that will enrich your home and outdoor entertainment area.

Castlegate Home Improvements Patios & Pergolas are:

  • Custom built – Your design for your home.
  • Only built with approved quality building materials used in construction.
  • Built by our fully qualified carpenters.
  • Built in accordance with Australian building standards.
  • We obtain council approvals for you and, if required, an Engineering report prior to approvals.
  • Will provide you with shelter, away from the harsh UV and winter rains.


It is important to note that a council permit is required to build a patio or pergola.

Check with your local council for up to date regulations.

Patio, Pergola & Decking Packages

Yes we can create an entire outdoor area for you!

Decking compliments a Patio or Pergola perfectly.

How about Planter Boxes, Privacy Screens, Timber Lining or maybe even Balustrading?

We can help you design and match your decking with your new patio to create extra usable room you’ll love to spend hours enjoying.

I’d also like an outdoor kitchen. Can you arrange something like this?

Yes we can.

We have a very reliable and highly recommended outdoor kitchen fitter who can design and create the perfect outdoor kitchen for your new patio.

We also have a great working relationship with a reliable and honest bricklayer who has supported us on many projects.

What Will My Patio or Pergola Cost?

It really depends on your design, the size and material in your structure.

A hipped patio has a detailed framework so will be more expensive in terms of cost than a gabled or flat patio. A bull nose veranda also has custom curved roof sheets and additional timbers to hold the expanse of the frame so is a little more expensive. Whichever patio style you choose, we can help you come up with a design that will compliment your home, make the best use of available space and setbacks, be the best value for money and one that suits you.

Your home is an investment so whatever you put into it, you’ll get back, not only in terms of cash but also in enjoyment and you’ll save money. Yes save money! Why go out to an expensive restaurant when you can have a great meal with a great atmosphere and great company right under your own custom built patio?

Patio? Pergola? What Is The Difference?

Good question! Basically a patio has a solid roof, such as steel or plastic roof sheets or tiles and a pergola does not. A pergola has battens, shade cloth or nothing above at all.

A Timber Pergola will cost you a lot less than a Patio, as there is no solid roof.

A pergola adds that natural element to your back garden, balancing the building materials in your house with the beautiful timber of your pergola.

A pergola allows light to penetrate and is a perfect backdrop to the creeping Bougainvillea or winding rose

We build Patios, Alfrescos, Pergolas, Carports and Verandas in Perth, WA.

Before & Afters

A patio and full length balcony to a home in the coastal town of Guilderton and a tiled veranda to a quaint home in South Perth. Tell us about your project and we’ll show you what we can do.