Complying with Council Regulations

Applying for permission to build your patio, balcony, raised deck, carport or even your front fence is just one of those things sometimes involved in making your home perfect ….

And in the long run, not only is it legal but it’ll save you a lot of headaches!

Let me give you  a scenario

A client came to us asking for a quote to build his free standing patio with a Colorbond roof at the side of his house. A solid structure.

We quoted accordingly and advised the client on the building permit application process at which the client said he wouldn’t bother with a permit.
Although we wanted to do the job, we said we just couldn’t do the job without the proper compliance so the client went elsewhere to have the patio built.
When we drove by a few weeks later, the patio had been built and looked good.
Then, a few months passed and again we drove by to see the patio gone. Totally removed.
As we advertise in the client’s area, he happened one day to telephone us asking for a re-quote on the patio we’d originally quoted for. When probing a little, the client said the local council had seen the patio, made some enquiries and on learning the patio didn’t have a structural engineers report, ordered him to remove it within 60 days. The builder also received a heavy fine.

The moral of the story? Ask your local council if you need a building or planning permit to build your structure.

Here are some of the items you will need council permission to build on your property (Perth):

Patio (with a solid roof)
Bull nose veranda
A shed
Re-roofing your house, tiles to tin
Raised decking – 500 mm off the ground
Front fencing

Front Fencing – picket fences 
There are regulations on the width of your pickets and the measurement of the gap in-between the pickets depending on the height of your fence.
Check with your local council before having your picket or solid fencing built so you don’t have the hassle of rectifying it in the future.

Western Australian councils may vary slightly with their regulations to build your front fence however generally all require a permit to do so.


So it may cost you a little more in fees, engineers reports and permits to obtain council permission to build on your property however, to save yourself time and money in the future, perhaps when selling , or to make sure your builder stays in business honestly, check out what you need to do before you build.