Are tradespeople all a rip off?

That’s a great question and one we’ve heard dozens of times.

Tradespeople rip me off
Are tradespeople all a rip off?

Are tradespeople all a rip off? The answer could be YES depending on who you ask:

‘Tradesmen are overpriced and you gotta watch them or they’ll do a shoddy job’,

‘They think they can charge whatever they like’

“They’re all rip offs!’

However, on the whole, I’d say the answer is NO, they are not trying to rip the client off.


First of all, a tradesperson with his/her own business is trying to earn a buck like anyone else. They advertise their business with flyers into your letterbox and adverts in newspapers or spend thousands of hard earned money on online advertising trying to catch your attention.

They meet with the client, usually outside of work hours, work out  the quote to the nearest dollar and provide it to the client with hopes of success – all that is free of charge.  If the tradesperson is good, the quote will be fair and an accurate reflection of the workmanship they’ll provide.

Isn’t what they are supposed to do?

Sure they are. But just remember, a lot of what a tradesperson does in his/her own business to win you as a client is done without being paid.

How to find the right tradesperson for your project

So, what are some things I should look for in a good tradesperson?

  • A good tradesperson is good at their trade. They’ve probably had formal training for 3+ years or have dozens of years of hands on experience
  • They know what they are talking about, can offer suggestions or advice to help you better
  • A good tradesperson will do the right thing, meaning if your project needs council permission, they’ll request you obtain a permit or get it for you
  • Has positive reviews online or written testimonials

What can I do to be sure I  find a good tradesperson?

  • Ask your friends, neighbours or family to recommend someone they’ve used and trust
  • Does someone advertise in your local area? Why not give them a try?
  • Try a small business. People who own their own small company usually go above and beyond to win your business

Then ……

  • How long has the tradesperson been in business?
  • Where are the material sourced from? Are they quality products or low grade?
  • Ask for a quote in writing if it hasn’t been offered
  • Request recent client references or to view similar jobs to yours that the tradesperson/company has completed
  • Think of how you feel about the tradesperson when you meet them at the initial meeting
  • Do they have a website? An ABN?
  • Ask what their payment terms are
  • Are you provided with a tax invoice?

In a Nutshell 

So, are tradespeople all a rip off? Take as much money from you as they can get?
Well … I’m afraid it depends on who you are engaging in to do your project. The old saying, ‘you get what you pay for‘ is true. You go for a cheap, unprofessional tradesperson to save money then you get a cheap job that reflects what you’ve invested.

Above all, renovation work isn’t cheap. A lot of building materials are no longer manufactured in Australia and must be sourced by suppliers from overseas adding to the cost of your quote so whether you get your project done cheaply or completed by a tradesperson you know will still be around in 5, 10 years time, are you getting value for what you’ve invested?

Thats the question.

You engage in a tradesperson with a proven work history, high professional and personal work ethic and you’ll get a great job.

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